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The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most recognized and prestigious postgraduate qualifications in the world. It is also sought after by many of the largest international corporations. These factors provide graduates with fantastic opportunities.

What is an MBA?

The program overviews across all business and management principles, with an emphasis on how the theory behind these principles has been and can be applied in real world business situations. This provides students with a wealth of frameworks that can quickly be applied in a business context.

Reasons for Getting an MBA (why MBA)
Most individuals seek the qualification as a means of advancing to senior management or executive roles and assuming increased management responsibilities. Since the curriculum covers all management disciplines it is relevant to all industries and sectors, including government and non-profit organizations, which can open up a wide range of employment opportunities. The marketability that comes with an MBA does not come easily. The program is probably one of the most difficult academic programs available and it demands real commitment, stamina, communication skills, and effective time management. It may, require a significant financial commitment. All of these requirements, need to be balanced with the management and business skills and increased earning potential that it can offer.

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