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see how the actual benefit of an mba degree is construed when a truly motivated individual applies and is accepted into a program that provides instruction on how to become successful in against all the obstacles.

gain mba value and the benefit of an mba in regards to networking resources

while studying for your mba you'll be exposed to a huge opportunity for networking. the benefit of an mba business school course affords the chance to engage in teamwork, and over the course of such an mba program, you'll undoubtedly develop significant relationships that should and will serve you well throughout your business career. and no matter which school you opt for, a network of alumni working at a wide range of companies are always at hand. this is useful for mentoring, job searches, and professional contacts.

one more benefit of an mba for executives programs and executive education sessions is that they let you tap into this network even as a successful business executive without holding a prior mba degree.

how the mba value can advance your career: earn more money

no matter what your chosen field: an er doctor, an engineer, or an editor for your local newspaper, the benefit of an mba graduate business degree can prepare you to step up to a managerial position within your field
salaries earned by graduates of mba programs grow progressively. according to graduate management admissions council's (gmac) "global mba survey 2002": "overall, the typical graduate earned $48,000 before entering the mba program and now expects to earn $75,000 in the first job after graduation--a 56% increase." depending on the number of years experience you have and which school you attended, your initial salary right after graduation can reach $130,000 plus bonuses.

a benefit of an mba is to open a window of opportunity to change your career

how well does your current career path fit your aptitudes and interests? if the answer is below your expectations, an mba program can give you the opportunity to explore your options and provide mba value for you with the training you need to change careers entirely.

employers are sponsors for mbas

as today's marketplace evolves and becomes increasingly complex, many employers also benefit by balancing their need to retain good employees with their need to fill managerial positions. candidates that possess advanced-level knowledge and skills are finding themselves the recipients of paid tuition for all the different variations of mba programs. companies realize the value of mba and also the benefits of mba to ensure their future growth and success.
in their "corporate recruiter's survey 2002," the gmac reports that: "59% [of companies who responded to the survey] sponsor employees for part-time programs, 43 percent sponsor for executive mba programs, and 18 percent sponsor employees for full-time programs."

start-up: start your own business

if you have the benefit of an mba and are interested in starting your own business, you are surely much more prepared than most to launch a start-up in a high-growth industry. the mba value will prepare you to do everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an ipo. be among the successful: research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by mbas is about 50 percent less than the standard failure rate.

expertise in both technical &business aspects

get on the fast-track to developing and advancing your career. an mba program offers you the chance to develop a wide range of general business knowledge and a broad base of technical skill – the benefit of an mba will be yours to enjoy in a relatively short period of time; on-the –job learning takes years, the mba degree will provide you with the knowledge and skills while you do the course.

become a leader in an emerging field by acquiring the benefit of an mba

a recent proliferation of "niche" mba value programs indicates that students will not only look to business school for a firm grounding in the basics, but for innovative education that can lead to exciting careers in such newly emerging fields as brand management, information technology, e-commerce, or mobile telecommunications - just to name a few.

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