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when looking for mba jobs, one of the most difficult decisions that you may face is finding a job that will let you use your new skills and abilities. it may be that you aim to use your mba to help you progress within your existing organization. in this case, you should update your resume to include your mba achievements and network within your company to find any potential openings.

these approaches are complementary and you should build all four of them into your overall mba job search strategy.

1. networking
around 75% to 80% of jobs are never advertised, and this is particularly true for mba jobs. these jobs are generally filled through word of mouth or internal appointments. if you are known to be interested in a particular job or organization and a suitable vacancy arises, you are likely to receive a call.
so how do you get yourself known or find these hidden jobs?
one way is through the mba program. the mba offers you the opportunity to build a network with many ambitious and talented individuals and this can prove invaluable in your mba job search now and in the future. alternatively, you can sign up for a free monster networking account and post your resume which aims to help you find the individuals most likely to advance your career.

another way to make yourself known is to contact recruiters in organizations that interest you. mention your mba studies and how you believe you can add value to the organization. ask about any possible openings within the company that you may be suited for and remember to leave your contact details in case a vacancy arises in the future. one word of warning with this approach: make sure that you know enough about the company to speak knowledgeably about it, otherwise you may damage any future chances you could have with that organization.

2. mba career placement services
when you selected your business school, you will have received details of any career placement services available. most business schools have active links with businesses and also run mba jobs fairs. these services are there for your benefit so use them to the full. speak to your careers office and find out what help they can offer you in your mba job search.

3. headhunters / executive recruitment services
one strategy to use in your search for mba jobs is to make your details available to executive recruiters or headhunters, who then attempt to find a job that matches your stipulated requirements. some of the best jobs sites, provide an excellent filtering and targeting system that matches your profile against industry, profession and geography to make sure that recruiters receiving your resume know you are pre-qualified.

4. internet sites with mba vacancies
the commercialization of the internet can make a job search easier if you know where to look. however, as with many things on the internet, job sites have now proliferated to the extent that it can be difficult to find what you want. unfortunately, whenever an organization seeks to fill a vacancy, they are unlikely to identify a job as a specific mba job, as they need to receive sufficient applications to make the advertising cost worthwhile. the downside of this for you is that many of the relevant jobs for mbas are likely to be buried in the hundreds of job sites that now exist.
the good news is that a recent development in internet recruitment has been the arrival of "aggregator" job sites, such as:
  • - post your free resume today to attract top employers!

  • in the uk, a site that provides a similar service is they search all the main uk job sites
as you can see, there are many different ways to put your qualification to work for you in your mba job search and you should use all of these methods as part of your overall job search strategy.
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