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your mba resume should be used to showcase your mba achievements. your resume provides you with one of the most important opportunities to make a lasting impression. whether you are aiming to progress within your existing organization or move to a different company, your resume is your personal marketing brochure and you can use this as a means of introduction or as part of a job application.

no matter what purpose your resume is to serve, it is essential that this includes your mba achievements and portrays you in a professional manner.

whilst most recruiters know how prestigious the mba qualification is, many of them do not know precisely what it encompasses. you need to use your mba resume to provide sufficient detail to a prospective employer. there are certain specific details that you should include in your mba resume:

  1. the business school at which you studied or are studying. you should also include any detail on ranking for the mba school or mba program, e.g. "business week recently ranked {insert the name of your business school} 5th in the us in the most recent survey of mba providers."

  2. your date of actual or anticipated graduation.

  3. any areas of specialization, e.g. marketing, finance, etc.

  4. mba courses specifically relevant to your targeted job. this is where you can help to demystify the mba program for a recruiter. for example, if you are applying for a strategic consulting position you would make specific mention of any relevant subjects, such as corporate strategy, project management, business development, etc.

once you are at the stage of completing your resume, there are professional services available that can help you to either start your mba resume from scratch or professionally review your existing resume. to help you with this, highly recommend the services of resumeedge the net's premier resume writing service. resumeedge: certified professional resume writers edit and write your resumes and cover letters. get an edge. click here! resumeedge have significant experience in the field of mba resumes and employ certified professional resume writers to prepare or review your resume. they will help you to highlight your achievements within your mba resume in a way that will get you noticed by recruiters and prospective employers.

once your mba resume is ready to send to recruiters an option available to you is to use one of the targeted resume distribution services that are available, although these are premium services.

the approach that will suit you best is dependent upon your own preferences and circumstances. if you are already seeking a job and want something to happen soon, distributing your mba resume to targeted recruiters can offer you a very effective method of accelerating this process.

in this case, the key objective for you when using these services is to make sure that your mba resume is seen by as many targeted recruiters as possible, i.e. those specializing in the jobs that you are looking for.

to ensure that your mba resume receives maximum exposure, you need to find a resume distribution service that is targeted at mba recruiters. these do tend to be exclusive networks so can be difficult to find on the internet.

to help you with this and save you considerable time, recommend resume messenger who have an extensive opt-in network of over 7,000 recruiters. they provide an excellent filtering and targeting system that matches your profile against industry, profession and geography to make sure that recruiters receiving your mba resume know you are pre-qualified. the key aspect that makes the resume messenger resume distribution service worthy of consideration is that you can target the resume distribution services by recruiters and geographical location, which greatly increases your chances of finding a suitable job early on in your job search.

in the past, the process of sending your mba resumes to recruiters took days to complete, but now the whole process can be completed in less than 15 minutes, which is a vast improvement.

please remember however that if you do use a resume distribution service this is only one part of your overall job search.

for more details on the various job search strategies that you should be pursuing, please click here to visit our mba jobs page.

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