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a base annual salary of $92,300. was the expectation of graduates of mba in 2006, according to the graduate management admission council (gmac) in mclean, virginia. according to the mba salary calculator an additional $17,600. is the expected signing bonus that such a new employee receives.
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the reality, though, for those mba’s in 2006 who accepted job offers with less than three years of work experience on their resume is an average base salary of $68,400 and a signing bonus of $10,740, according to gmac. for those graduates who can tally experience from between three and six years, the expected annual base salary on the mba salary calculator would be $81,700 with a signing bonus of about $16,000 and for those mba’s in 2006 who have more than six years of experience, the annual base salary on the mba salary calculator would be around $100,000 with a signing bonus of more than $17,500.

the gmac reported than mbas in 2006 could earn approximate annual base salaries as follows:

• consulting: $86,500
• energy/utilities: $79,200
• finance/accounting: $78,300
• health care/ pharmaceutical: $85,400
• manufacturing: $82,000
• high technology: $87,600
• products/services: $77,100
• nonprofit/government: $63,200

highest annual average salaries for 2004 graduates were graduates of the following business schools, according to “the wall street journal guide to the top business schools, 2006” (random house reference, 2005). it must be remembered that the mba salary calculator provides also for signing bonus and a yearly bonus.

• dartmouth college (tuck): $91,900
• hec, paris: $91,500
• harvard university: $99,900
• hec, paris: $91,500
• imd: $123,000
• insead: $103,300
• london business school: $101,800
• massachusetts institute of technology (sloan): $94,100
• northwestern university (kellogg): $91,400
• stanford university: $100,400
• university of pennsylvania (wharton): $92,980

an annual starting salary of about $40,100 is what the mba salary calculator forecasts as earnings for a graduate who completes a bachelor’s degree in business administration/management. this according to a survey conduction in the spring of 2006 by the national associate of colleges and employers in bethlehem, pennsylvania

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