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mba scholarships, grants or bursaries are some of the options that may be available to help you finance your mba. these are available from numerous sources and the eligibility criteria vary depending upon the source.

many business schools offer mba scholarships based on either merit, such as demonstrated high level of academic ability or high gmat scores, or need, which may require you to demonstrate evidence of financial hardship.
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for information on any financial aid provided by the business schools you are applying to, look carefully through any literature that you have received from them, check for any details posted on their web site and if you still can't find any information, contact them direct. if you are not eligible for any available scholarships, they may still be able to offer you loans at preferential rates.

another, highly recommended, way to find relevant study venues in mba studies, is to check into the actual schools. generally there is professional staff on call whose job it is to focus on tracking the best scholarship options available. we recommend applying to at least two business schools to obtain the necessary information concerning scholarships, grants, and loans, all free of charge through mail and telephone.
you can choose one of the following premier business schools for getting a useful information: the university of liverpool, keller graduate school

there are also numerous search services available on the internet that can help you to locate mba scholarships. to search for mba scholarships, click on the following link, enter your details and find out what scholarships you may be eligible for:

search for mba scholarships:

most scholarships will require you to submit some form of application. make sure that you find out the requirements and deadlines as early as possible so you can meet these and submit applications for any scholarships that you are eligible for.

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